See what the press and customers are saying about Ciao Bella Pizzeria and Restaurant's thin crust pizza and homemade Italian cooking:

"True NY pizza at its best — tastes like it was made in Brooklyn!!! (that's a compliment, in case you don't know). You can hate me if you disagree, but this stuff is the real deal."
New York City

"Hangover Saturday — we decided to order in a Pepperoni pie and a Greek salad. The pizza arrived hot and fresh — with a nice delicate crust (not crispy thin — but thin — and it had this nice chewy pull to it), tasty flavorful sauce and the perfect amount of cheese. The little pepperonis were curled up on the sides — and crispy towards the edge. A little greasy — but I enjoyed that after a night of 15 vodka and sodas.

The salad had great crisp red peppers, lots of feta and the perfect tangy Greek dressing. 

Delivery was fast (20 minutes)!"
New York City

"So, I'm actually devouring two slices (one veggie one white) as I'm typing this. It's so good! The thin crust is perfect, and the veggies are well seasoned. The white slice is on point too. How is this my first time eating from this place?!? Best slices I've had in the city in a while."
New York City

"I live in the east village and was looking for a new pizza place … I was getting bored with the usual suspects. I had heard two, tree good things about Ciao Bella from some kids I know that live down in the LES. They rave about the sauce and say this is their go-to pizza joint in their neighborhood. So last night I was meeting up with a fellow pizza-lover and we decided to pop in for a pie. The place is authentic from the word go. Tasteful, compact pizzeria, original artwork, brick walls, tables outside, music, well priced. All of the ingredients are right there behind the counter for the viewing which I appreciate. We ordered a cheese pizza with dumb veggies (mushrooms, black olives, broccoli, peppers, garlic, onions, et al). The pizza came out banging hot and fresh. … The freshest, most authentic pizza I have had in 2 years in NYC."
New York City

"Came with a couple of friends — we ordered an eggplant slice — a white slice and one plain to start. All of them were delicious and crispy. The sauce was amazing. Couldn't ask for anything more. Definitely worth a return trip."
Jacksin Heights, NY

"I was starving ... so I began roaming the streets of NY to find a place to eat! I came across Ciao Bella!   The pepperoni pizza slice + chicken empanada I ordered were delicious.   The service was great, the food was great ... and I will be back again!  I had the opportunity to meet the owners Levi and Benny who are the real deal and made my experience a pleasant one!  2 thumbs up!"
Studio City, CA

"Terrific service and truly outstanding NY thin crust pizza.  A little cramped inside but worth the squeeze.  Highly recommend."
Brooklyn, NY

"I've been getting slices from Ciao Bella since they opened on Allen Street two years ago. When they first opened up, the owner told me that they used a blend of fresh and whole milk mozzarella, which I don't think they are able to do any more due to costs... but it's still the best tasting pizza in the LES, in my opinion.  I like that their pizza is not too heavy and that the crust is not too doughy (like Rosario's), and that their sauce is tasty (unlike Rocket Joe's)."
Forest Hills, NY

"The test of a good pizza: how it tastes the morning after.

Score: 100.00/100.00

Try the specialty ciao bella pizza. Yummy!"
New York City

"I caught last week’s Groupon for this place. Never been before but thought it was worth a shot. Pizza was awesome. Thin, crunchy on bottom, tasty. Sat outside; lovely. Definitely recommended. I’m glad I got the Groupons. Will be back."
New York City

"Ciao Bella rekindled my love for a good slice of pizza. It was late, I was hungry and I saw the storefront ... I went in ... and I'm glad I did. I just found my favorite new pizza place in the city. Seriously, the pizza was simply delicious. Didn't need any bells and whistles ... it was just delicious. With so many pizza places these days, a good slice is hard to come by. Thanks for renewing the faith Ciao Bella!"
New York City

"Great slice at a great price.  The crust wasn't the floppy sort of stuff a lot of places in NYC seem to get wrong.  Nice and crispy, without being overdone.  No nonsense, great place for an afternoon lunch.

The owner, Levi, has a great feel for the restaurant and the customer service is a breath of fresh air."
Brooklyn, NY

"Having lived on Allen Street nearly four years I can barely stand the sight of Rosario's pizza anymore.  I suppose one too many drunken meals at 3AM will do that.

So needless to say Ciao Bella Pizzeria was a welcome addition to the block.  Beyond simply being an alternative to Rosario's — which in and of itself is noteworthy — the slices are good.  Very good.  Maybe even great.  Certainly light on the wallet.  I've been several times in the past few months and have yet to catch them slipping on their pizza game.  Hope this place sticks around the neighborhood for a long time."
New York City

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